What Is Ziva Meditation?

Ziva Meditation is a powerful meditation technique that enables you to reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve your overall well-being. The practice combines mindfulness, mantra, and meditation to help you achieve deeper states of awareness …

What Is Ziva Meditation?

What Is Ziva Meditation?

Ziva Meditation is a powerful meditation technique that enables you to reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve your overall well-being. The practice combines mindfulness, mantra, and meditation to help you achieve deeper states of awareness and relaxation.

Founded by Emily Fletcher, a world-renowned meditation expert, Ziva Meditation has helped countless people transform their lives by providing a powerful tool to manage stress, increase focus, and improve overall health. By incorporating this practice into your daily routine, you can unlock your potential and achieve greater success in all areas of your life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ziva Meditation combines mindfulness, mantra, and meditation to reduce stress and increase productivity
  • The practice was founded by Emily Fletcher, a renowned meditation expert
  • Ziva Meditation has helped many people improve their overall well-being and achieve greater success

The Tranquil Experience of Ziva Meditation

Ziva Meditation is designed to help you reduce stress and increase your overall wellbeing. It is a unique practice that combines mindfulness and meditation techniques to help you achieve mental clarity and focus. Unlike other meditation practices that focus on relaxation, Ziva Meditation focuses on helping you achieve a state of deep rest that is even more rejuvenating than sleep.

Research has shown that practicing Ziva Meditation can have numerous benefits for your mental and physical health. Some of these benefits include reduced anxiety and depression, improved immune function, and increased productivity and focus. By practicing Ziva Meditation regularly, you can cultivate a sense of mental and emotional balance that will help you navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and resilience.

The Three Pillars of Ziva Meditation

There are three main pillars of Ziva Meditation: mindfulness, meditation, and manifesting. First, mindfulness helps you develop awareness of your thoughts and emotions, allowing you to become more present in the moment. Second, meditation allows you to let go of thoughts and emotions that may be holding you back, allowing you to achieve a state of deep rest and relaxation. Finally, manifesting helps you set intentions and focus your energy on achieving your goals.

Together, these three pillars make up the Ziva Meditation technique, which is designed to help you achieve greater clarity and focus in all areas of your life.

If you’re looking to reduce stress and cultivate a greater sense of wellbeing, Ziva Meditation may be just what you need. By practicing this unique technique regularly, you can achieve a state of deep rest that will help you feel more centered and grounded in your daily life.

Embark on a Ziva Meditation Journey with the Course

Ziva Meditation offers an extensive online course for beginners who want to learn more about meditation or those who want to deepen their practice. The course is designed to help individuals understand the fundamentals of Ziva Meditation and equip them with the necessary skills to apply it to their daily lives.

The Ziva Meditation course provides easy-to-follow video lessons led by Emily Fletcher, the founder of Ziva Meditation. The course comprises three modules, each with several lessons, including guided meditations, lectures, and Q&A sessions.

Module 1 Module 2 Module 3
Introduction to Ziva Meditation The Art of Effortless Performance The Mind-Body Connection
Why Ziva Meditation Works Effortless Manifestation The Science of Meditation
The Three M’s of Meditation Creating from the Unbounded Field Healing the Body with Meditation
Correcting Misconceptions About Meditation Enlivening the Inner Artist Cultivating Cognitive Resilience

Upon completion of the Ziva Meditation course, students will have gained a comprehensive understanding of the Ziva Meditation technique, as well as the tools and resources to maintain a regular practice. The course is designed to be accessible and flexible, allowing students to complete it at their own pace.

Whether you are new to meditation or an experienced practitioner, the Ziva Meditation course can be a valuable resource to help you deepen your practice and experience the benefits of Ziva Meditation in your daily life.

Discover Ziva Meditation Reviews

If you’re considering trying out the Ziva Meditation technique, it’s always helpful to read reviews from others who have gone through the course. Many individuals have shared their experiences online, praising the benefits of the practice and the efficacy of the course.

One reviewer wrote, “After completing the Ziva Meditation course, I finally went three months without getting sick, which is unheard of for me! I’ve also noticed a significant decrease in my anxiety levels and an increase in my productivity throughout the day.”

Another reviewer shared, “I had never meditated before starting Ziva, but the instructor’s guidance was incredibly helpful. I now find myself looking forward to my daily meditation practice and can’t imagine going without it.”

Overall, the Ziva Meditation course and technique have received high praise from reviewers, with many noting significant improvements in their overall well-being. If you’re looking for a proven method to reduce stress, improve focus, and increase energy, Ziva Meditation may be the right fit for you.

Ziva Meditation Anywhere with the App

With the Ziva Meditation app, you can embrace the practice from anywhere. The app offers a convenient way to meditate while travelling or during your busy day. The app serves as a personal meditation teacher that you can access from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

The Ziva app has an intuitive interface that is ideal for beginners. The app offers a range of guided meditations you can choose from, including meditations for sleep, performance, and anxiety. You can also track your progress through the app and receive reminders to meditate daily.

The app is free to download and comes with some features, such as 3-day or 10-day courses. Once you complete these courses, you have the option to upgrade to more advanced features. The app also includes a community section where you can interact with other Ziva meditators.

Ziva Meditation Online with Community Support

If you’re looking for additional support to improve your meditation technique or to connect with other meditators, the Ziva Meditation online community is a great resource. The online community provides ongoing support and access to group meditations and events.

Membership to the online community is open to anyone who has completed the Ziva Meditation course or has an active Ziva app subscription. Members can access exclusive content, such as live Q&A sessions with Ziva founder, Emily Fletcher, and access to additional courses and resources.

Getting Started with Ziva Meditation

Ziva Meditation is a powerful technique that can help you manage stress, improve focus, and achieve more profound rest. If you’re new to meditation, Ziva offers an excellent platform for learning the practice from the comfort of your own home.

The Ziva meditation course is an excellent way to begin your journey. The course caters to beginners and seasoned meditators alike, and you can complete it at your own pace. The course features live, interactive sessions with trained Ziva coaches, and you can ask questions, learn new techniques, and get feedback on your progress.

Once you sign up for the course, you’ll have access to the Ziva meditation app, which is an essential tool for meditating anywhere you go. The app features guided meditations, timers, and a community forum where you can connect with other meditators.

It’s essential to keep in mind that meditation is a skill that takes time to develop. Don’t worry if you don’t get immediate results; with consistent practice, you’ll begin to notice positive changes in your life. Aim to meditate for at least 15 minutes each day to start and work your way up to longer sessions as you become more comfortable with the practice.

If you’re struggling to meditate regularly, try incorporating it into your daily routine. Schedule a specific time each day to meditate, and stick to it. You can also experiment with different techniques and styles of meditation until you find one that suits you.

Ziva Meditation is a challenging but rewarding practice that can help you achieve deep rest and profound clarity. With patience and persistence, you can experience the many benefits of this transformative technique.


In summary, Ziva Meditation is a powerful technique that can transform your life. By practicing this technique, you can experience numerous benefits, including reduced stress, improved sleep, increased productivity, and enhanced creativity. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced meditator, the Ziva Meditation course can help you embark on a transformative journey.

If you’re looking for guidance, be sure to check out Ziva Meditation reviews to see what others are saying. The instructor, Emily Fletcher, has helped thousands of people from all walks of life discover the benefits of meditation. And with the Ziva Meditation app, you can practice anywhere, anytime.

So why wait? Take the first step and start your Ziva Meditation journey today. With regular practice, you can experience a sense of peace, clarity, and well-being that will stay with you for a lifetime.


Q: What Is Ziva Meditation?

A: Ziva Meditation is a technique that combines mindfulness, meditation, and manifesting to help individuals reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve their overall well-being.

Q: What are the benefits of Ziva Meditation?

A: Ziva Meditation offers a range of benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, increased focus and productivity, improved sleep, and enhanced creativity and intuition.

Q: How can I embark on a Ziva Meditation journey with the course?

A: You can join the Ziva Meditation course, which is designed for beginners and provides step-by-step guidance on developing a regular meditation practice. The course includes video lessons and meditation exercises.

Q: Are there any reviews about Ziva Meditation?

A: Yes, you can find numerous reviews about Ziva Meditation from individuals who have experienced the benefits of the practice. These reviews highlight the effectiveness of the technique and the expertise of the Ziva Meditation instructors.

Q: Can I practice Ziva Meditation anywhere with the app?

A: Absolutely! With the Ziva Meditation app, you can enjoy the benefits of Ziva Meditation anytime, anywhere. The app provides guided meditation sessions and additional resources to support your practice.

Q: How do I get started with Ziva Meditation?

A: If you’re new to Ziva Meditation, it’s recommended to start with the beginner-friendly resources available, such as the Ziva Meditation course or the Ziva Meditation app. These resources will help you establish a strong foundation for your meditation practice.

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