Meet Your True Self

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All your life, you had the impression that you’re a bit different than your peers. But for the most part, you followed the path others laid before you.

You finished school and got a decent job. You complied with society’s expectations, reaching consecutive milestones of a successful life. You grew your career, accumulated wealth and established social status.

But deep down, this life never felt fully yours. Every now and then, you couldn’t help but ask yourself:

Is there really nothing more to life than this?

At some point, there was a wake-up call. Maybe you met an old friend who’s been following their passion while you’ve been grinding. Or, you came across a book that profoundly shifted your perspective.

Whatever it was, you woke up to a new possibility. To live in alignment with your true self. To explore your spiritual side. To create meaningful change in the world while adhering to your deepest values.

This possibility never left your mind since. But neither did this question:

How could you change your life so dramatically after a lifetime of complying with other people’s rules?

I know how scary and unstable it can feel to follow your authentic path. It took me a while to even allow myself to try. For the longest time, it was unthinkable for me to question the beliefs I inherited from my family and friends.

I thought that my biggest dreams were doomed to remain just that: dreams.

This started changing a few years ago when I first moved abroad. Suddenly, I was detached from my roots and forced to redefine myself. I met people who lived alternative lifestyles, pursuing their passions and values before money and status. I realized this was how I wanted to live, too.

I wanted to be guided by my inner compass, rather than outer appearances.

Around the same time, I started meditating and touched upon other spiritual practices. I travelled, worked various jobs in different places and began to write. This intense period of soul-searching brought me to one important conclusion:

If you want to live in alignment with your true self, you need to deliberately grow your self-awareness.

If you’re a seeker by nature, self-awareness is your most trustworthy compass. In the world that pulls you in many different directions, knowing what’s true for you makes all the difference.

But mainstream education doesn’t teach you to be self-aware. This is a competency that you have to develop on your own.

When you do, a whole new world starts opening up. You’re able to see your unique psychological wiring. You can work through your traumas and conditioning. You understand how other people influence you. You begin to realize what’s truly important for you.

How do I know? Because I’ve been on this path for almost five years. This doesn’t mean I have all the answers — far from it. But I’ve covered enough of a distance to realize that self-knowledge is a foundation to everything else we do in our lives.

If you sense that you have all the answers inside of you, but need a little help uncovering them — then this blog is for you. It takes courage to follow your heart in this world. But you don’t have to find all of that courage at once.

Today, it’s enough to take the first step. Join me on this path and sign up below. I’ll send you my 5-Minute Meditation Package to help you connect with yourself, wherever you are in your journey.

Are you ready to meet your true self? Let’s do this together!