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Surfing the Urge: How To Overcome Temptations With Mindfulness

The first people to ever deal with a temptation were the biblical Eve, and then Adam. Instructed by God not to eat fruits from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they tried their best to obey. But precisely because they were told to refrain from picking it, the fruit became ever-more tempting. So … Read more

It’s Great to Change Your Mind About What You Want to Do

The society doesn’t normally support this notion — but it’s perfectly fine to change your mind. In fact, it’s often a clear sign that you’re growing and progressing on your goals. If you never change your mind about anything, it may mean that you’re not alive. Or that you just aren’t willing to learn anymore. … Read more

How To Be In Charge Of Every Situation

Admit it: you want to be in control. It just feels better to have a sense of agency than to be a helpless victim. But complete control is hard to attain. We live in a largely unpredictable world. How many times have you seen things going in the direction opposite to what you wished for? … Read more