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How To Tap Into Your Spirituality

Over centuries, we separated spirituality from ordinary life. Today, we have a possibility to unite them again. Here’s how to tap into your spirituality.

Want a Shortcut to Intimacy? It’s Called Self-Disclosure

We are used to thinking that building a sense of intimacy with somebody takes time. For some people it means years of work, breaking through their inhibitions and attuning to their friend or spouse. That’s, of course, a valid way to foster connections. But what if I told you that there was a “human connection … Read more

This Is What I Learned From Being Silent For Three Days

I hold my breath for a moment and I look around. The room is full of people in sweatpants or leggings, walking slowly without any obvious direction. Some of them are going in circles, some are pausing to stare through the window and others are walking backwards, for a mysterious reason. They are all taking … Read more

This Is Why I Meditate

Why do you meditate? Is is to achieve something or experience life in a different way? Here’s my take. This is why I meditate.

You Don’t Need Better Relationships, You Need More Connection

“I don’t care if you live or die.” Jonathan Gravenor heard these exact words from his young daughter over dinner. And, it wasn’t just a random family quarrel. That day was one of the toughest in Jonathan’s life. A few hours earlier, he was diagnosed with throat cancer. When he shared the bad news at … Read more