Instead Of Changing Your Thoughts, Learn To Identify Them

We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.” — Sheryl Sandberg

Why Controlling Your Thoughts Will Never Work

You’re Probably Less Aware of Your Thoughts Than You Believe

How To Identify and Accept Your Most Obscure Thoughts

1. Keeping note of thoughts related to suffering

Screenshot from an e-book version of Get Out Of Your Mind And Into Your Life by Stephen Hayes.

2. Paying attention to strong emotions

3. Taking a walk in Nature

4. Setting a trigger to prompt attention to thoughts

5. Identifying your judgments of other people

Awareness and Acceptance Are Prerequisites To Change


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7 thoughts on “Instead Of Changing Your Thoughts, Learn To Identify Them”

  1. Hi! Just wanted to say that I’ve read this article at least 15 times- and I keep coming back. It’s brilliant, always find something in here!

  2. Hi, I love this article. After reading the book the Secret years ago, I took it way to literally and started to change all my thoughts. I let that book do so much damage to me over time and I am finally recovering from it. This article helped me realize, don’t judge the judging, and just let your thoughts exist. Don’t change them. Just float. Just exist. Just be! Float down the river of thoughts and enjoy the ride! Feel both positive and negative emotions! That was a big one for me! For so long I tried changing my negative emotions into positive ones by “changing my thoughts “ and although it may have cast the illusion that it worked, I did more harm then good to myself this way. I am no longer going to filter or change my thoughts. I am going to let them “just exist”! Thank you so much and have an amazing, wonderful, and fantastic day! Much Love ❤️

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