Marta Brzosko

The 4 Ugly Lies Of Personal Growth

Along with the omnipresent praise of personal growth, there is not enough being said about the traps and threats it creates. About the dark places it may lead to. About the challenging feelings it can trigger — without showing any practical way of dealing with them. There is hardly any mention of the harm personal growth may cause, alongside the potential benefits. …

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How To Know If You Are Ready For Intimacy

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; Mastering yourself is true power.” — Lao Tzu Intimacy is not a very straightforward topic to me. During intimate moments with men, I usually become tense, I return kisses hesitantly and end up making out mainly to satisfy their desires. I subconsciously believe I …

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This Is Why I Meditate

Oh, how important it is for me to freestyle. To abandon the idea of consistency, self-discipline and making a structured, conscious effort towards a goal. To once in a while embrace the spirit of free creation. Not confined by any rules. Not bringing it down to the concept of work. Not writing for any reason other than pleasing …

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Feeling Rejected Is a Sign You’re Ready to Love Yourself

You’ve been through this many times — yet, it happens again. You’re at this amazing party with lots of great music, food and company. You know you should be enjoying yourself. But you can’t. You’re only half-heartedly invested in the conversations you’re having. Your mind is somewhere else. That’s because there’s this person at the …

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